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Sell Your House In Birmingham, Alabama Without A Realtor!

Are You Searching “Sell My House Fast, Birmingham, AL”? If So, You’re At The Right Place!

Sell in Alabama WITHOUT A REALTOR!

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  • You will NOT PAY and Realtor commissions or closing costs when we buy your house.
  • We will not ask you to do any repairs or even clean the house. We will buy in ANY condition!
  • We can get CASH in YOUR HANDS in as little as 7 days after you contact us, or we can extend closing to fit your needs!

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We Pay Cash For Houses And Save You All The Fees And Headaches!

Do you need to sell a house without a Realtor in Birmingham, Alabama? We offer custom solutions that fit a wide variety of needs because we know that each house and each situation is unique. We know that one size does NOT fit all. We are not Realtors and we do not list your house, WE BUY HOUSES AND WE PAY CASH FOR HOUSES

We will give you a fair offer and close on your timeline. We will not ask you to do any repairs, and we will pay all the closing costs and fees! Our team are Birmingham Metro natives and we offer many different custom and creative options for you to choose from when selling your house.

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Important Things To Consider BEFORE You Request A Quote From A Buyer!

Most people only purchase or sell real estate a handful of time during their whole lifetime! No wonder the whole process can seem intimidating and scary. It is very important to do some research on who you choose to let into your home, especially when selling to investor buyers. You want to make sure your are dealing with a professional buyer.

• Experience Level?
• Proof of Funds?
• How many homes purchased in the last 12 months?
• How many current projects?
• Length of time in business?
• Customer reviews?
• Proper document preparation/contracts?
• Ability to offer creative solutions?

You owe it to yourself to get answers to these questions, with PROOF, before you even meet with a potential Buyer.

Other Questions You May Be Wondering:

Should I sell my house without a Realtor?

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you want to use a Realtor. It is true there are some very good Realtors out there, so if you do choose to list your home with a Realtor, make sure to do your research and find a Realtor who SELLS HOUSES, not one who gets a LOT OF LISTINGS that SIT ON THE MARKET. You do not want your house sitting on the market for a long time, do you? A typical real estate commission is between 6% and 7% of the total sales price, and the seller will usually get stuck with at least some portion of the closing costs. More details about this are on our HOME PAGE. If you want to sell your house in Birmingham without a Realtor or closing costs, give us a call today!

Should I fix the property up before selling to a company who pays cash for houses?

Many times you will get more money if you decide to fix up the property yourself and then sell it. The problem is that many quite often homeowners do not know how to do the repairs themselves, and hiring out the repairs can be challenging as well. Since real professional home buyers have relationships with contractors and in many cases have construction employees on payroll, and also have contractor pricing on materials at hardware stores, professional homebuyers can get repairs done quicker and for less money than other homeowners. Once you add up the costs plus the time and headache of renovating a house, a cash offer from a professional home buyer can be very appealing.

How should I price my home if I am selling my house without a Realtor?

When putting your house on the market, you need to look at comparable sales (Comps). When you are looking for comps, you can use free services like zillow to see what other properties have sold for. You want to look at houses in your neighborhood, within 10% of your square footage (5% if possible), in similar condition to your house, that have SOLD. Other factors that make a big difference are lot size, foundation type (slab, basement, crawl space), and year built. We have found that homeowners may think their house is worth more (or less) than it actually is because they are using bad data. For example, if there are 2 houses next door to each other and one has been completely updated and is on a basement but the other is on a crawlspace and has been vacant and untouched for 5 years, these are not COMPARABLE PROPERTIES. When finding comps, you want to find properties that are most similar to yours!

How Do I know that I am getting a fair deal when selling without an agent?

If you call a professional home buyer, make sure that you have done research on the buyer to make sure they are reputable first. Then do some quick research on your own to make sure you know a little bit about what is going on in the real estate market in your neighborhood. A reputable buyer like Birmingham Homebuyers, LLC wants to buy houses. We will not try to lowball you because we need inventory! Professional home buyers have to buy at a price where they are profitable (or else they would not be in business), but that does not mean it can’t be a win-win for all parties! We will buy your house whether it’s in Hueytown, Pleasant Grove, Bessemer, Trussville, or anywhere in the Birmingham or Huntsville, Alabama areas!

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We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Offer For Your House In Cash!
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