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Looking To Sell Your House? We Buy Houses Birmingham AL

Selling a house can be a difficult process. If you need the money right away then there is usually little in the form of options that you can do, unless you consider selling it at way below the market value.

We are here to tell you that this should not be the case for you.

We are a company that buys houses from customers and gives them the money within a few days, in cash.

We buy houses Birmingham AL from the owners no matter the condition that the house is in.

What’s The Process?

Our process is pretty simple. You contact us online via our page and fill in the details of your house.

We will check the application and send a team to your house to check on the condition of the place. They will then give you an offer within 24 hours.

If you feel that the offer is worthy we will draw up the paperwork after confirming all the necessary ownership details.

Once the house is handed over to us we will give you the money. You do not have to go through any checks.

Why Sell Your House To Us?

we buy houses in birmingham alWe offer various benefits that you will not get from your realtor. One is the fact that we give you the money in full.

There are no charges for anything, no commissions, and no deductions.

You get the money that we offer you during the inspection.

We also ensure that we do this a few days after the process of ownership has been completed.

Secondly, we do not require you to renovate your house.

We buy houses Birmingham Al, whether they have a pest infection, fire or water damage, or any other issue such as age.

We are aware that some people inherit houses from relatives or friends and do not know what to do with them.

If you ask a realtor they will probably tell you to do renovations that will be expensive. Call us and have a simple process that does not involve all the headaches of renovations.

Third, we close the deal depending on your time frame. There will be no phone calls to hurry you during the process.

Once you decide to sell we give you ample time to finish vacating so that we can assume ownership of the place. You do not have to clean up the place either.

We have teams that do all the work after you sell the house to us, so we do not require that from you.

If you need to sell the house but you have tenants, you can still do so. Leave the issue to us because we have experience in the housing market and know how to handle such situations.

We are a trustworthy company that keeps the clients in mind, which is why we ensure that you move when it is suitable for you.

Let go of all the stress that comes with paying renovation crews and water or fire damage restoration companies. Call us to buy your house today.

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