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Is Your Rental Property In Alabama A Burden?

A Note About Alabama Rental Properties From Jason Lesueur…

I have dealt with so many Landlords over the past 30 years that are just fed up with rental properties. They complain about the difficulties of securing a good tenant. Then there’s the issue of actually collecting the rent. It’s easy for me to show a landlord if their property is “actually producing profit” or costing them a fortune when I run it through my rental investment excel sheet. I have some landlords that are getting pounded by insurance, taxes, and loss of rent, and to top it off their property is depreciating.

I have been able to help several Birmingham landlords turn their rentals around by sharing my process and procedures. Owning rentals is a business and must be operated as such. Too many times I see that most of the mistakes are on the landlords.

My business partner Tj Sayers and I have been very successful at buying rentals from owners, property managers, and large companies.  We have solutions for just about every situation imaginable.  One of my favorite stories is about the rental home we purchased with no lease, tenant owed 3 months’ rent, and the house a well let’s be nice “in very bad condition”. We purchased the house in its present state and started legal proceedings against the occupant. But we never had to hire an attorney or go to court. We were able to remove the tenant simply by communicating with them and making a financial offer that fit both of our needs.

If you have a “situation” regarding rental property, vacant home, estate, or any situation you can dream of just reach out to us for some free advice and if needed a hassle-free cash sale.

Sell Directly to Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC

If you find yourself short on money, time, or the patience necessary to deal with the hassles of listing and showings, call Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC instead – we can help. The professional investors at Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC have helped other homeowners just like you overcome the hurdles that liens can throw at you; we’re happy to answer any questions you have about a direct sale and help ease your mind of any concerns. A direct sale to Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC is a quick process; your closing could be in a matter of days or slightly delayed if you need just a little more time to move. The professional investors at Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC don’t charge commissions, and there are no hidden fees in our straightforward contracts; you won’t even pay closing costs. At Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC, we will lay out the numbers side by side so you will know what the property would sell for through listing and all of the costs you would face by selling on your own. Then, we will detail our offer, allowing you to understand the numbers for yourself to see the offer is fair. The pros at Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC are your neighbors who live and work here in Birmingham; therefore, we take every step to ensure you feel good about the deal from the first time we speak until long after closing.

Save time, save money and make the process easy on yourself by working with Birmingham HomeBuyers, LLC to sell a house with liens in Birmingham and walk away from the closing with cash in hand. Contact [company] at 205-502-2161.

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