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3 Differences Between Real Estate Investors and Agents in Birmingham, AL

Are you considering selling your property? If so, you’ll come across individuals who are eager to assist you. These people can be either real estate agents or investors. In our blog post, we discuss three key distinctions between agents and investors in Birmingham. This will aid you in making an informed decision on which one to work with based on your needs and preferences.

Considering selling your house in Birmingham? It’s important to know that not all offers of assistance are created equal. While some individuals may claim to help you sell, it’s crucial to differentiate between real estate agents and real estate investors and understand how they can assist you. Read on to discover three key ways to tell these professionals apart in Birmingham.

List vs. Buy

Distinguishing between agents and investors is simplest by questioning their intentions for your house: listing it or buying it. A real estate agent’s role is to list your house on a service and actively search for a buyer. They may need to show it to multiple individuals before finding the right buyer.

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Distinguishing between an agent and an investor is as easy as asking about their buying timeline. An agent typically won’t know because they need to find a buyer first. Generally, agents spend 3-12 months showing the house to various potential buyers.

Investors can provide you with a precise timeline for selling your house, as they are the ones who will be purchasing it. This timeline may be influenced by your own preferences and how quickly you wish to sell.

Commission vs. No Commission

Understanding the difference between an agent and an investor is crucial when selling your house. An agent earns their money through a commission on the sale price, usually around 6% or $6,000 on a $100,000 house. 

On the other hand, an investor does not charge any commissions as they make their profit through renting or renovating and reselling the house. To distinguish between the two, simply ask them directly and they will provide you with the necessary information.

Does Selling With an Investor Sound Right For Your Home?

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