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Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist

The winter season may have caused some wear and tear around the exterior of your home. Below are a few items you may want to inspect, according to HomeAdvisor:

  • Siding: Take a walk around your house and look for any siding damage. Be sure to repair any pieces of siding that are extremely weathered or cracking. If you have painted wood siding, peeling or loose paint should be scraped off, sanded and repainted.
  • Windows: Check for peeling or cracked caulk around the seals and repair as necessary. Repair or replace any screens that have holes to help prevent bugs from entering your home, and ensure winter wind hasn’t loosened any screens from their fasteners.
  • Deck: Consider resealing your deck if it’s showing a lot of age — HomeAdvisor states that wood decks should be treated every six years at a minimum. You should also ensure there aren’t any deteriorating or loose boards.
  • Foundation: If you have a brick home, inspect the mortar and see if any cracks need to be repaired. If you have a basement, inspect the walls and floor for cracks or other damage. If you can fit a nickel into any cracks, you may want to have a professional inspect the area to determine if repairs are necessary.
  • Landscaping: Trim back shrubs and trees away from your home after winter has ended and throughout spring. This will help keep your home’s siding from getting scratched or damaged. It may also be a good idea to make sure landscaping is trimmed away from the home’s outdoor air conditioning unit as well, if you have one.

By setting aside time to get your home’s exterior ready for spring, you can ensure any potential issues following the winter season have been remedied — giving you more time to enjoy the new season ahead.

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